What to expect from Module 3 ?

Module 3 is already there and I’m a little behind schedule. My job is really challenging right now and I hope I’ll be able to keep up with the pace of this MOOC !

I hope module 3 will help me understand how one can act on someone’s satisfaction or expectations. I hope that by the end of this module I end up with a full range on tactics to apply according to customers’ characteristics.

In my every day life at work it should help me write in a more persuasive way and so satisfy and delight my users.

On a bigger picture I hope it will help me implement tactics to enhance retention and participation in our training programs.

Talk to you soon !


2 thoughts on “What to expect from Module 3 ?

  1. Interesting! I also have the expectations of getting some tools from this module in order to use in every day business. Hope your work is going well and that we will meet tomorrow at the webinar!
    I have looked at the video clips on the start page of this module – this is a great tips to watch if you haven’t done it yet. Easy and fast information to get a grasp about the module!


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