What to expect from Module 2…

Time flies and Module 2 is already here !

I must admit I haven’t had the time to take a look at all the videos this week but I’m looking forward to do so. My expectations will thus be based on on two very simple things : the module’s title and its introductory text 🙂

From this module I hope I will learn how the customer’s mind works when faced to a product or service experience, what happens before, while and after the actual experience. What factors shape this experience and what are the predominant ones (unless thay all depend on each other).

All customers don’t have the same experience of a same product or service even though trends can be osberved (for example, take a look at the ratings here).

I hope this module will also provide insights about individual perspectives that could lead to a different perception of the experience such as maybe socio-economic environment, the degree to which the customer is used to this kind of product or service or even the customer’s standards of quality.

Learning all this would help me focusing my efforts on the right things in my company. Since we are a startup we need to go fast and being able to see where the most important areas of work are would help us do this !

It’s alway a good exercise to write about what you’d like to learn from a certain course because it helps you define your objectives and be more efficient. But I admit I’d also like this module to surprise me by introducing ideas that I wouldn’t have anticipated at all !

Time to dig into it, talk to you soon !


2 thoughts on “What to expect from Module 2…

  1. Great read! I am really looking forward to hear more of your thoughts on this module when you have had the time to look at the material provided 🙂


  2. I like your comments about this module! And it is really interesting that you have a startup! This is probably an even more important and focused topic within startups since it is so important. I have read that startups usually do what they think is important to a larger extent than medium and big companies do. Since this is an important factor (customer experience) in order to be successful, it is important for companies to focus on it, which therefore is easier for startups to do.


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